Volt, led corner lights
Volt, led corner lights
Volt, led corner lights

Volt, led corner lights

Art. LA-90504

  • Led turn lights with european approval, are sold in pairs
  • Smoked lens with orange light, high luminescence led
  • Cables with fast connectors
  • Rubberized joint, high resistance to vibrations
  • Adapters needed only for mounting on original points (on the front or on original license plate holder)
  • Resistance kit required for correct flashing speed
More details

Volt led corner lights, with european approval, have the latest generation of high luminescence and long-lasting SMD led technology, body in matt black abs and smoked lens. The design is extremely modern, with linear and minimal surfaces. The small size makes them not invasive and suitable for particular and distinctive customizations. They are universal.

Specific abs adapters required to assemble corner lights on the front and on the original license plate kit (n° 1 kit for each pair of corner lights).

To restore the correct blinking speed (which speeds up once the led corner lights are mounted), only one resistance kit must be applied, both in the case of two and four led corner lights mounted, sold separately.

For those bikes that allow it, it's possible to replace the corner lights intermittence with our universal one that performs the same function as the resistance kit.

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