Terms & Conditions

1. Field of application

1.1 These general conditions of sale apply to all products and services of Bruni Urbano snc. These GCS apply to all legal transactions between Bruni Urbano snc and its customers. The sale and shipment of the products takes place exclusively in application of the present GCS.

1.2 Any condition in contrast or divergent with respect to these GCS is not accepted, unless otherwise agreed with Bruni Urbano snc explicitly and in writing. All other accessory provisions, amendments, additions and declarations of legal value require the written form and consequent explicit acceptance by Bruni Urbano snc for their validity. Furthermore, these provisions can not contradict the present GCS.

1.3 The current and binding version of the GCS is published at www.urbanobruni.it. Bruni Urbano snc reserves the right to change the General Terms and Conditions at any time and without notice. For orders placed before the amended GCV comes into force, the old version of the GC is the authentic one.

1.4 If some points of these GCS were to be declared invalid or null, the remaining points would still remain valid.

2. Offer and prices

2.1 All product descriptions published at www.urbanobruni.it are to be considered indicative and are without warranty. Bruni Urbano snc is not responsible in any way for the correctness, completeness and relevance of these descriptions.

2.2 The purchase contract is to be considered concluded when the customer places an order online using the form and the same is received by Bruni Urbano snc. When the purchase order arrives at Bruni Urbano snc, the customer receives a confirmation of the order. However, should the impossibility of shipping occur or if there should be an erroneous indication of the price of the product, the contract will be terminated with immediate effect. In this case the customer will be informed by Bruni Urbano snc as soon as possible. In the event that the product has already been delivered to the customer, the ownership of the product remains by Bruni Urbano snc and the customer is obliged to return the product against total reimbursement of the price paid.

2.3 The prices of Bruni Urbano snc products are intended exclusively in Euro (€). All prices include VAT and any recycling charges and copyright fees.

2.4 The costs of packing and shipping are included in the price of some items while they are not for others. In the case of shipping costs not included, the cost is always indicated and will be invoiced separately.


3.1 Orders can only be made electronically through the address www.urbanobruni.it, except in cases where Bruni Urbano snc has explicitly agreed in writing of the special agreements with the customer.

3.2 Changes or cancellations of orders by the customer require an explicit and written confirmation by Bruni Urbano snc. In the case of a transfer by the customer he can be charged the resulting costs of 20% of the value of the order or for a minimum of € 70.00.

3.3 Bruni Urbano snc is authorized at any time to cancel or not to process a confirmed order of one or more products against reimbursement of the price paid, without notice or obligation to provide reasons.

4. Payment conditions

4.1 The customer can pay the amount of the order via Paypal, by cash on delivery or by prepayment by bank or postal services.

4.2 For payments made by credit card (via Stripe), if it becomes necessary to make a full or partial refund, Bruni Urbano snc will retain the percentage paid 3,4% (3,9% Extra EU) + 0.25 € + VAT which consequently the payment portal charges Bruni Urbano snc for all payments, refunded or not.

5. Payment time

If the customer does not fulfill his payment obligations in full or in part, all amounts due become payable and all shipments are immediately blocked. In these cases Bruni Urbano snc reserves the right to withdraw from the contract. Bruni Urbano snc can in such cases indicate to the customer a payment term of 8 days from the date of purchase indicated in the form. From the second solicitation Bruni Urbano snc is authorized to charge a reminder fee of € 20.00 and interest for arrears equal to 7% as well as all other costs caused. If the customer does not fulfill his payment obligations on the second request, Bruni Urbano snc is authorized to terminate the contract with immediate effect and without prior notification.


6.1 Shipments of products take place throughout Europe.

6.2 The customer declares himself available to receive also partial shipments.

6.3 All shipping dates may change at any time and without notice. The dates of the shipments are to be understood as indicative and in no case as binding.

6.4 If the product at the time of the purchase order becomes available and does not have to be shipped within 30 days from the established deadline, the customer has the right to withdraw from the contract. In the event that the ordered product is not available at delivery, the customer's right of recession can be exercised after 90 days.

6.5 The order confirmation does not in any way guarantee that the product is actually available or that it can be sent immediately.

6.6 In the event that the product can not be shipped or is delayed, any claim for compensation from the customer is excluded.

6.7 Bruni Urbano snc is not responsible in any way for any delay in shipping or non-delivery due to causes attributable to shipping companies.

6.8 If the customer refuses to collect a product shipped, Bruni Urbano snc reserves the right to charge him the costs of shipping and the right to withdraw from the contract.


7.1 The customer can exercise his warranty rights directly against the manufacturer.

7.2 The customer must contact the manufacturer to take note of the warranty conditions.

7.3 Software repairs are excluded from any warranty claims.

7.4 The warranty does not cover damage or defects caused by external effects such as power shocks, lightning strikes, natural disasters, wear and tear, intervention on the product of third parties or the customer, failure to comply with the manufacturer's operating instructions or incorrect use.

7.5 If the technical expertise of the defective product was to be found that the damage was produced by one of the above listed external effects (7.4) or that it is not covered by the warranty for other reasons, the customer may decide to have the product repaired against payment. If the customer refuses to have the repair work done for a fee, the costs for the estimate can be debited. The customer undertakes to collect the unrepaired product or to bear the costs of disposal. Under no circumstances can the customer have the product repaired to another company at the expense of Bruni Urbano snc.

7.6 If the product can no longer be repaired or can no longer be shipped, Bruni Urbano snc reserves the right to deliver a similar product to the customer instead of the one previously purchased or to credit it in the form of a voucher for the same value of the product defective compensation for guarantee claims. Through the repair or replacement of a product the warranty period is neither interrupted nor lengthened.

7.7 Bruni Urbano snc is not liable for any loss of data or information due to the repair or replacement of the product. The customer assumes full responsibility for making a complete security copy of his data.

8. Defects, exchange and returns of products

8.1 The customer has the obligation to check the completeness and accuracy of the product received and in case of defects or shipping errors must notify them in writing to Bruni Urbano snc at the latest 2 days after delivery. Otherwise the product shipped is considered accepted.

8.2 Exchange and return of products delivered under contract are possible only in exceptional cases and upon prior express written consent by Bruni Urbano snc. The products returned without prior approval by Bruni Urbano snc are not accepted and will be returned at the sender's expense.

8.3 Repayment takes place at the expense and risk of the customer. A written description of the defect as well as a copy of the invoice must be enclosed with the return of the product. Products that are not subject to a valid warranty or that have not been purchased from Bruni Urbano snc can be returned to the sender at his expense or not accepted.

8.4 Products can only be returned if they are still stored in their original packaging and have not been used or damaged or modified from the original conditions. If the customer does not comply with these conditions, the return will not be accepted and the product will be returned at the expense of the sender.

9. Property reserve

The products that have been sent to the customer remain the property of Bruni Urbano snc until the customer has completely paid the price. Until then, the products must be kept by the customer so that they can be sold again. Bruni Urbano snc reserves the right to proceed with the registration or annotation of the reservation of property in the appropriate public registers.

10. Protection of data

The Federal Data Protection Act applies. The saved data is not accessible to third parties. Bruni Urbano snc does not save any number of credit cards. The customer agrees to the processing of his data within Bruni Urbano snc. The customer undertakes to treat his access data in a confidential manner and not to disclose it to third parties. Bruni Urbano snc is not responsible in any way for an improper use of the customer's access data.


11.1 Claims for damages against Bruni Urbano snc due to the impossibility of performance, due to contractual damage, contractual defects attributable to Bruni Urbano snc as well as to illegal acts are excluded. Liability for indirect damage or damage due to non-performance or termination of the product's performance is excluded.

11.2 Bruni Urbano snc is not responsible for the non-contractual performance due to force majeure. The fulfillment of the contract is deferred until the end of force majeure. If the cause of force majeure persists for more than 30 days, each party can dissolve the contract without claiming any damages from both parties.

12. Applicable law and legal forum

12.1 All legal transactions between Bruni Urbano snc and the customer are subject to Italian material law with the exclusion of the Vienna Convention on contracts for the international sale of goods of 11 April 1980.