"To make good things for the bike, first of all you need to be a motorcyclist"

Urbano Bruni since 1949

In May 1949, our father Urbano opened his mechanical workshop in Poggibonsi, Siena.

It's a difficult period but of great teaching, a period in which the foundations will be laid to export our culture of quality and the value of Italian craftsmanship all over the world: what has been called Made in Italy since the 80s.

While Gino Bartali stopped at Urbano's store to have his bicycle saddle adjusted, our father and many others like him in Italy used to repair vehicles of other times. At that times everyone must arranged and have ingenuity was essential to move forward. Incredible things come to my mind, for example for the repair of the engines: I remember that the piston rings were made by hand, cutting them with the saw from the steel tubes, which were then polished and used to revive a motorcycle. Thinking about it now seems impossible, but it was done (and it worked)!

Urbano was a hard worker and working on motorbikes was his passion (together with the planes, the photograph and our mother-fortunately-); passing in front of the store even in the late evening the light was always on, even today many people tell it to us. In the following years the activity has grown a lot and has changed until the first 2000s years, when the decades-old know-how merged with the passions of the new generations. We started to design and implement customizations for motorcycles for our friends and then for customers in the area, and thanks to word of mouth all this has gradually become the work we are doing today.

After many years this is the philosophy that we inherited: craftsmanship, quality and a great desire to get busy. The Made in Italy of the past together with the modern technological possibilities. This is what we do every day, trying to provide the best possible service with quality products at the right price, as was done half a century ago.

Because basically, even if times change, the things we want are always the same.

Renzo and Maria Giulia Bruni