Kawasaki Z900RS Mono Arm license plate kit
Kawasaki Z900RS Mono Arm license plate kit
Kawasaki Z900RS Mono Arm license plate kit
Kawasaki Z900RS Mono Arm license plate kit
Kawasaki Z900RS Mono Arm license plate kit

Kawasaki Z900RS Mono Arm license plate kit

United States
Czech Republic
  • Mono Arm license plate support, exclusive UB creation to make the bike unique
  • Aluminium holder with back support, joint and Mono Arm in steel, life lasting
  • Adjustable tilt
  • Electric cables blocked by cable guide in the bracket, hidden turn light's cables
  • Weather protection for license plate light
  • Simple assembly without changes to the bike and stepbystep instructions that can be downloaded online
  • Respects traffic laws
  • UB guarantee and after sales assistance

License plate support kit with Twin³ / Twin² homologated multifunction led turn lights (3 functions: turn light+rear position light+stop light on the Twin³; 2 functions: turn light+front position light on the Twin²), hyperled homologated license plate light, support with homologated reflector. License plate support made from aluminum with plate/joint, Mono Arm and finish/reinforcement plate in steel. The exclusive tilt adjustment system, in addition to making the kit customizable, has the function of relieving the plate support from being subjected to vibrations, preventing breakage by concentrating the work load on the steel plate / joint. Tested over the long-term, life lasting. The electric cable of the license plate light is fixed along the inside of the bracket by means of a cable guide and reaches under the saddle fixing itself for a distance along the fork and the shoeguard. The direction indicators and the reflector are placed on the tail through the appropriate support. The kit comes pre-assembled, assembly is simple and no change to the original parts is necessary. There are no certifications for license plate supports, it is necessary to respect the laws of the road in technical detail: all our products comply with traffic regulations. Includes hardware and illustrated step-by-step assembly instructions that can also be downloaded online.

Design in continuity with the UB accessories and studied on the Z concept, it embodies the absolute sportiness and hardness of the lines giving to the rear lightness and simplicity. The bike becomes spectacular and unique, with style details typical of UB kits.

The original turn lights are not compatible. The original reflector must be reinstallated, if it'snt present on the motorbike it must be purchased separately.

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